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How to mine KASPA with GPU/FPGA/ASIC

In this post I will briefly describe KASPA blockchain, and will provide mining tips for those who want to participate.

What is KASPA blockchain?

Perhaps you have already read some info about KASPA blockchain. I'll try to describe it with my own words.
The biggest advantage that KASPA have is the scalability.
Bitcoin currently can perform less than 12 transactions per second (TPS). However, it can scale with a layer 2 chains.
Blockchains like Ethereum and Solana, are Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which enables then to perform up to 50-100K TPS.
However, PoS technology is not censorship resistant at all (in spite their supporters claims it is).
I'll write later, a separate post for blockchains performance and the different approaches, to solve the scalability problem.
KASPA have its solutions for it.
Initially proposed by Yonatan Sompolinsky, a consensus mechanism "GHOSTDAG" allows many blocks to be validated at the same time. This approach has the potential to perform huge number of transactions, being censorship resistant at the same time.
Recently KASPA released a white paper of new promising protocol named "DAG KNIGHT". It adds additional improvements to the consensus, and will additionally improve the block confirmation time. So far "DAG KNIGHT" exists only on paper, but donations are being collected for the development of it. If you are developer, who wants to participate, you may contact with the team.
Which is the better approach to solve the scalability problem?
The future will show us.

Emission schedule

The emission is separated in two phases:
  • Pre-deflationary phase
  • Chromatic phase (current)
In Chromatic phase, KAS emissions are reduced by 50% per year. The reduction actually happens each month with the constant (1/2)^(1/12)
The next Month emission per second is Previous_Month_Emmission_Per_Second * (1/2)^(1/12).
Untill the block speed is like 1 block per second, we can estimate same reward per block.
There is a table with the schedule, published in KASPA wiki page: KASPA-EMISSION-SCHEDULE.pdf

Mining KAS

KAS is using a kHeavyHash algorithm.

KAS Wallet

If you do not have an KAS Wallet, you should obtain one. The easiest way is to create a web wallet at
It is also possible to use another wallet application. Please do not mine directly to exchange wallet.
The exchange address is not really yours. It belongs to the exchange.

Mining hardware

KASPA can be mined with FPGA and ASIC. Mining with GPU is no longer profitable.

Mining software

KAS can be mined with quite big number of applications. Here are some of them.

Miner Source Dev Fee Hadrware OS Download
lolMiner recommended closed source 0.75% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix lolMiner
BZMiner closed source 1.0% +1.0% (optional) NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix BZMiner
SRBMiner closed source 0.85% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix SRBMiner
Team Red Miner closed source 1.0% GPU,
10.0% FPGA
Windows/Linix TeamRedMiner
Gminer closed source 1.0% GPU NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix Gminer

Connection to Pool

The difficulty is variable. This is necessary to ensure the best performance of your hardware. For GPU/Nicehash miners, the difficulty is fixed.

Pool URLs
Pool Hardware Stratum Difficulty Pool URL
PPS ASICs/GPU/Nicehash Auto
Solo ASICs/GPU/Nicehash Auto
PPS ASICs/GPU/Nicehash Auto

To start mining

1. Download the and unpack the miner

If your Windows suggest that the miners are "potentially unwanted" software, you may need to select "Allow on device" option in Windows Security settings.

2. Test the connection with the pool

Find the nearest server to your geographical area, and ping it. If the ping is done for less than 100ms, you can consider this server for mining.

$ ping
3. Run the miner

Run the miner. The command line depends from you miner, and your OS. For example to start mining with NBMiner, the run command is:

$ ./lolMiner --algo KASPA --pool --user [address].[workername]

You can quickly configure your command in our KAS Pool Page and tap "Start Mining" button.

Good luck!

Yours Max Mustermann
Developer, Miner


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