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Step by step guide for ETC mining

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How to mine ETC

In this post I will briefly describe ETC blockchain, and will provide mining tips for those who want to participate.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Before the DAO hack in 2015, there was only one Ethereum blockchain. After the hack, there were different visions on which way to continue the development. There was a proposal to roll-back the blockchain history, returning this way back the stolen DAO tokens. This proposal splitted the Ethereum community. After many debates and negotiations, the blockchain was forked in two.
Ethereum ETH blockchain release a hard-fork to compensate the DAO holders.
Ethereum ETC community takes "restoried money are not money" approach, and keep moving ahead.

ETC emission schedule

On 11 December 2017, the total supply of Ether (ETC) on Ethereum Classic was hard capped at 210,700,000 ETC via the Gotham hard fork. The ETC emission is reduced by 20% every 5,000,000 blocks. The current block reward of 2.56 ETC, will be reduced to 2.048 ETC at the middle of 2024.

Date 5M20 Era Block Block Reward Total Era Emission
2015-07-30 Era 1 1 5 ETC 25,000,000 ETC
2017-12-11 Era 2 5,000,001 4 ETC 20,000,000 ETC
2020-03-17 Era 3 10,000,001 3.2 ETC 16,000,000 ETC
2022-04-15 Era 4 15,000,001 2.56 ETC 12,800,000 ETC
2024-05-07 Era 5 20,000,001 2.048 ETC 10,240,000 ETC

Mining ETC

ETC is using a Etchash algorithm, which is almost the same as Ethash. The only difference is that Etchash, added enchancement, which enables the mining with smaller (4GB memory) graphic cards. This way more miners can participate.

ETC Wallet

If you do not have an Ethereum Wallet, you should obtain one. There are many ways and applications that can be used for this. Visit ETC Pool Page to see the list with apps, you can use. It is possible also to mine directly into exchange wallet. Just be aware that the exchange address, actually belongs to the exchange.

Mining hardware

Mining is most popular with video cards, but is also possible with ASIC hardware. The difference in performance is not so big as it is in Bitcoin mining.

Mining software

At the moment this post is written, ETC can be mined with quite big number of applications.

This list represents some of them, without pretending to be complete. Make your own research to find the best software, that fits to you.

Miner Source Dev Fee Hadrware OS Download
PhoenixMiner closed source 0.65% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix PhoenixMiner
Gminer closed source 1.0% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix gMiner
lolMiner closed source 0.7% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix lolMiner
Nanominer closed source 1.0% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix Nanominer
NBMiner closed source 1.0% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix NBMiner
SRBMiner-MULTI closed source 0.65% AMD Windows/Linix SRBMiner-MULTI
T-Rex closed source 1.0% NVIDIA Windows/Linix T-Rex

Location SSL Difficulty Pool URL
Europe 9.00G
Europe 9.00G
North America 9.00G
North America 9.00G
South America 9.00G
South America 9.00G
Asia 9.00G
Asia 9.00G
Africa 9.00G
Africa 9.00G

Solo Pool URLs
Location SSL Difficulty Pool URL
Europe 9.00G
Europe 90.00G
North America 9.00G
North America 90.00G
South America 9.00G
South America 90.00G
Asia 9.00G
Asia 90.00G
Africa 9.00G
Africa 90.00G

To start mining

1. Download the and unpack the miner

If your Windows suggest that the miners are "potentially unwanted" software, you may need to select "Allow on device" option in Windows Security settings.

2. Test the connection with the pool

Find the nearest server to your geographical area, and ping it. If the ping is done for less than 100ms, you can consider this server for mining.

$ ping
3. Run the miner

Run the miner. The command line depends from you miner, and your OS. For example to start mining with NBMiner, the run command is:

$ ./nbminer -a etchash -o stratum+tcp:// -u [address].[workername]

You can quickly configure your command in our ETC Pool Page and tap "Start Mining" button.

Good luck!

Yours Max Mustermann
Developer, Miner


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