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Step by step guide for CCX mining

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How to mine Conceal

In this post I will briefly describe Conceal blockchain, and will provide mining tips for those who want to participate.

What is Conceal?

Conceal is an open-source PoW blockchain with emphasis on privacy. It adds unique features as cold-staking that earns interess on locked deposits, and truly private, untraceable, and end-to-end encrypted messaging service.
Another interesting feature is that in Conceal the mining reward does not change over time. It will remain unchanged until the total supply of 200M CCX is reached. After that, the mining reward will only consist of transaction fees.
More interesting facts can be learn from Conceal website.

Emission schedule

The tottal supply is 21 Billion. No halving. Block reward is fixed to 6.00 CCX.

Mining CCX

Conceal is using a Cryptonight-GPU algorithm. It is is an ASIC, and FPGA resistant mining algorithm that assures a fair GPU based supported network. Fortunately, Cryptonight-GPU does not overheat the GPU.

Conceal Wallet

If you do not have an CCX Wallet, you should obtain one. The easiest way is to create a web wallet using Conceal Web Wallet  . Alternative for Android phones can be Conceal Mobile . Better avoid mining in exchange wallet. Indeed it is possible, but we would not not recommend it.

Mining hardware

At the moment this post is written, CCX can be mined with few mining applications.

Mininers for Cryptonight-GPU
Miner Source Dev Fee Hadrware OS Download
XMR-Stak open source 2.0% NVIDIA, AMD Linix/Windows XMR-Stak
CryptoDredge closed source 1.0% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix CryptoDredge
SRBminer-Multi closed source 0.85% AMD Windows/Linix SRBminer-Multi

Location SSL Stratum Difficulty Pool URL
Europe 200007
Europe 200007
North America 200007
North America 200007
South America 200007
South America 200007
Asia 200007
Asia 200007
Africa 200007
Africa 200007

Solo Pool URLs
Location SSL Stratum Difficulty Pool URL
Europe 200007
Europe 2000007
North America 200007
North America 2000007
South America 200007
South America 2000007
Asia 200007
Asia 2000007
Africa 200007
Africa 2000007

To start mining

1. Download the and unpack the miner

If your Windows suggest that the miners are "potentially unwanted" software, you may need to select "Allow on device" option in Windows Security settings. Depending on the selected miner, you may need to unzip the file.

2. Test the connection with the pool

Find the nearest server to your geographical area, and ping it. If the ping is done for less than 100ms, you can consider this server for mining.

$ ping
3. Run the miner

Run the miner. The command line depends from you miner, and your OS. For example to start mining with XMR-Stak, the run command is:

$ ./xmr-stak --noCPU --currency cryptonight_conceal --url --user [address].[workername]

You can quickly configure your command in our CCX Pool Page and tap "Start Mining" button.

Good luck!

Yours Max Mustermann
Developer, Miner


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Miners for Conceal

  1. XMR-Stak
  2. CryptoDredge
  3. SRBminer-Multi