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Step by step guide for Kaspa Classic mining

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How to mine Kaspa Classic

In this post I will briefly describe Kaspa Classic blockchain, and will provide mining tips for those who want to participate.

About Kaspa Classic blockchain

The source-code of Kaspa Classic is forked from Pyrin (which is forked from KASPA), whith only difference in the hashing algorithm. Kaspa Classic as Pyrin is using Blake 3, a new resistent algorithm. The Kaspa Classic native token is CAS, and is already supported by some exchanges.

Emission schedule

Kaspa Classic was launched in March 2024, with no pre-mine or pre-sales.
At the moment this blog is written, about 3.36% is mined. The emission schedule follows a halving pattern once per year, with smooth monthly reductions.
The first reward reduction will take place at 2024-07-02.
Max. supply is 1 billion coins.
Initially the block reward starts with 15.00 CAS

Mining Kaspa Classic

Kaspa Classic is using a Blake 3 algorithm.

Kaspa Classic Wallet

Currently (mid March 2024) the Kaspa Classic is in a very early stage. The only way to create a wallet is to download and install caswalet (included in the caspad package). You can download from caspad

Mining hardware

Blake 3 is ASIC resistent algorithm, and works best for GPU mining.

Here are some of the mining software, that can be used for mining Kaspa Classic.

Mining software
Miner Source Dev Fee Hadrware OS Download
lolMiner closed source 1.00% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix lolMiner
BZMiner closed source 1.00% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix BZMiner
SRBMiner closed source 0.85% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix SRBMiner
Team Red Miner closed source 1.00% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix TeamRedMiner
Rigel closed source 1.00% NVIDIA, AMD Windows/Linix Rigel

Pool URLs
Pool Hardware Stratum Difficulty Pool URL
PPS Any Auto
Solo Any Auto

To start mining

1. Download the and unpack the miner

If your Windows suggest that the miners are "potentially unwanted" software, you may need to select "Allow on device" option in Windows Security settings.

2. Test the connection with the pool

Find the nearest server to your geographical area, and ping it. If the ping is done for less than 100ms, you can consider this server for mining.

$ ping
3. Run the miner

Run the miner. The command line depends from you miner, and your OS. For example to start mining with NBMiner, the run command is:

$ ./lolMiner --algo PYRIN --pool --user [address].[workername]

You can quickly configure your command in our CAS Pool Page and tap "Start Mining" button.

Good luck!

Yours Max Mustermann
Developer, Miner


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